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S-1 삼치구이/Samchi Gui

烤燕魚/Grilled Spanish mackerel served with fermented soybean paste soup

S-10 함지밥상/Hahmji Bapsang

特色套餐/Hahmji’s house set menu: Grilled lateral short ribs, grilled fish and fermented soybean paste stew

S-12 간장게장백반/Ganjang gejang baekban

醬螃蟹/House set menu: Soy marinated raw blue crab served with fermented soy sauce

S-2 굴비구이/Gulbi Gui

烤幹黃花魚/Grilled yellow croaker with fermented soybean paste soup

S-3 고등어구이/Godeungei Gui

烤鯖魚/Grilled mackerel with fermented soybean paste soup

S-4 황태구이/Hwangtae Gui

烤幹明太魚/Grilled pollock with fermented soybean paste soup

S-5 병어감자조림/Byungeo Gamja Jorim

銀魚燉土豆/Braised silver pomfret with potatoes with spicy gochujang(chili paste)sauce  

S-6 갈치조림/Galchi Jorim

燉刀魚/Braised beltfish with spicy gochujang(chili paste)sauce

S-9 LA갈비&된장찌개/LA Galbi & Doenjang Jigae

牛排+醬湯/Grilled lateral short ribs & fermented soybean paste stew