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辣冷面/Buckwheat noodles, vegetables, broiled egg and spicy sauce in cold broth

T-2 물냉면/Mul Naengmyeon

冷面/Buckwheat noodles, vegetables, broiled egg in cold broth

T-3 비빔냉면/Bibim Naengmyeon

辣辦冷面/Spicy cold buckwheat noodles with vegetables, broiled and egg

T-4 회냉면/Hwe Naengmyeon

生魚片辣辦冷面/Spicy cold buckwheat noodles with seasoned raw fish

T-5 열무냉면/Yeolmu Naengmyeon

小蘿蔔泡菜冷面/Thin cold noodles with young radish water kimchi

T-6 열무국수/Yeolmuguksu

小蘿蔔泡菜冷面/young summer radish kimchi noodles

T-9 쌈밥 (2인분)/Ssambap(2people)

蔬菜包飯套餐/Various seasonal greens with stir fried spicy pork served with house special fermented soybean paste sauce